Terms of Use

Welcome to the official WRAPP website

1. Preamble

This website wrapp.ai (hereinafter "website") is owned by the company bearing the name “WRAPP S.A.”, based in Athens, Chalandri, at 1 Nestoros, P.C. 15231 (hereinafter “WRAPP”, “we” or “us”).

By using this website, you unconditionally agree to the present terms of use which are applicable to the whole content, pages, images, photographs, and materials that are included on the website. Therefore, you shall carefully read the terms of use prior to making use of WRAPP services and if disagree, you shall refrain from using the services and content of this website.

WRAPP maintains the right to amend wholly or partially the terms of use at any time and without notice. However, WRAPP will post the then-current version of the terms of use on the website and will promptly notify you of material changes before they become effective by any reasonable means, such as by sending an email or by placing a relevant notice on your account. By continuing to use the website and/or its services following any amendments, you unconditionally accept the amended terms.

1.1. Services

WRAPP provides integrated software services in the cloud, and specifically services for issuing invoices, interfacing with AADE‘s my Digital Accounting and Tax Application (myDATA), management of customers, partners and offers to businesses, freelancers, or minors over the age of 15, who have commenced activities in the competent tax office, in accordance with the current legislation, on a monthly or annual basis (hereinafter “WRAPP Services”).

1.2. Use of the WRAPP Services by minors is permitted only under adult supervision.

2. Opening an Account

2.1. In order to use WRAPP Services, you must first register on the website by opening an individual user account.

2.2. By opening an account, you accept WRAPP‘s Terms of Use, Privacy Notice and your subscription to the WRAPP Services begins.

2.3. When you register, you must provide us with a valid email address in order for us to send you a link to set up your personal password so that you can log into your account.

2.4. If you do not set your personal password and therefore do not verify your account within ten (10) days of sending the link, WRAPP reserves the right to deactivate your account.

2.5. In order to issue invoices and transmit them to myDATA, you must first have created a User Id and Subscription Key. You will find relevant instructions in "MyDATA settings" in your individual user account.

2.6. Alternatively, you can register for myDATARestAPI by entering your personal taxisnet credentials on the WRAPP platform. It is noted that WRAPP acts as an intermediary platform in order to connect myDATARestAPI with your WRAPP account and does not store your personal taxisnet credentials.

3. "Free" Subscription Plan

3.1. WRAPP provides you with the possibility to use the free version of its services, which is defined in the price list "Pricing Plans" under the name "Free".

3.2. The use of the "Free" subscription plan is unlimited.

3.2. You can replace the "Free" subscription plan with any paid subscription plan at any time.

4. Paid Subscription Plans

4.1. You can choose any paid subscription plan you want while enjoying its additional features.

4.2. In this case, you will have to pay the corresponding subscription fee in order to have access to the respective plan.

4.3. You can change your current paid subscription plan to any other plan, even "Free" at any time.

5. Change of Subscription Plan

5.1. You can change your current subscription plan to any of the other subscription plans offered (free or paid) at any time.

5.2. If you wish to downgrade your paid subscription plan during the current billing cycle, the transition to the new subscription plan will take place after the end of the current billing cycle.

5.3. Downgrading your subscription plan is associated with restrictions on the functionality of paid tools and services. For example, if you downgrade your subscription plan from ‘Advanced‘ to ‘Pro‘, you will no longer be able to create new Payments or access the Payments you created as an ‘Advanced‘ user. However, WRAPP will keep on file all the information and data you created using the tools of the more expensive plan, so that in the event of a later upgrade it will be available to you again.

5.4. If you wish to upgrade your subscription plan during the current billing cycle, the switch to the new subscription plan will occur once you have paid for it, from which will deduct any unused balance of the current subscription plan and a new billing cycle will immediately begin.

6. Cancellation of Subscription

6.1. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

6.2. The cancellation of your subscription will occur at the end of the current billing cycle. Until then you will be able to use your existing subscription plan.

6.3. Once your subscription is cancelled, your account will automatically be downgraded to the ‘Free‘ subscription plan and you will only have access to the free WRAPP Services.

6.4. There will be no further charges unless you wish to re-upgrade your subscription plan.

6.5. No refunds or credits are provided for uncompleted subscription periods or unused WRAPP Services.

7. Billing

7.1. The subscription cost for the WRAPP Services is configured according to the selected subscription plan, according to the "Pricing Plans" price list.

7.2. The length of your billing cycle depends on the subscription type (annual) you selected when you signed up for the WRAPP Services. A year corresponds to three hundred and sixty-five (365) calendar days. Days do not change depending on the year of subscription. For example, an annual subscription plan will expire at 365 days regardless of whether the subscription year is a leap year and therefore has 366 days.

7.3. In some cases, the payment date may change, for example if the payment was not completed successfully when changing subscription plans, or if the paid subscription started on a day that does not exist in a particular year or month. Visit the website, log in to your individual user account, select "Settings" and "Subscription Plan", to see the next payment date.

7.4. If you do not cancel your subscription before the next payment date, you authorize us to charge the subscription cost of the next billing cycle.

7.5. You remain responsible for any uncollected amounts. If a payment is not successfully completed due to expiration, insufficient credit balance or otherwise and you do not cancel your subscription, we may suspend your access to your paid subscription plan until you are successfully charged to a valid payment method.

7.6. Unless otherwise provided by law, all purchases are final and non-refundable. If you believe that WRAPP has charged you in error, you must contact us by email at contact@wrapp.ai within 90 days of the charge. No refunds will be given for charges over 90 days old. We reserve the right to issue refunds or credits at our sole discretion. If we issue a refund or credit, we have no obligation to issue the same or similar refund in the future. This refund policy does not affect any statutory rights that may apply.

7.7. We may change the price of subscription plans from time to time. However, if you are a paid plan subscriber, any pricing changes will be implemented upon a fortnight‘s notice to you. If you do not agree to the price change, you must cancel your subscription before the price change takes effect.

8. Method of Payment

8.1. The website provides you with the option of paying by credit or debit card through the Stripe electronic payment platform in a completely secure transaction environment.

8.2. Upon notification by Stripe, regarding the successful payment of your subscription, we will issue a relevant invoice, which we will transmit to myDATA and then send it to you.

8.3. In some cases, the issuer may charge you certain fees, such as foreign currency transaction fees or other fees in connection with the processing of your payment method.

8.4. Local taxes may vary depending on the payment method used. For details, please contact the service provider of your payment method.

9. WRAPP Statements

9.1. Without prejudice to errors due to force majeure, including technical problems in the system, WRAPP states that it makes every possible effort to ensure the validity and accuracy of the information contained on its website, so that visitors/users can obtain a complete picture of the services offered by WRAPP.

9.2. The information and content of the website do not in any way constitute, directly or indirectly, encouragement, advice or prompt for the performance of any act. Instead, you are invited to evaluate the information and content of the website individually and act at your own judgment and discretion, excluding any liability of WRAPP.

10. User Obligations

10.1. You undertake that you will not use the website to post, publish, or transmit or distribute other forms of content that may be illegal, threatening, annoying, obscene, or expressing empathy, racial, or other discrimination, infringe any patent, trademark, copyright or other third party proprietary rights, contain software viruses or any other code, files or programs designed to damage, corrupt or prevent any computer software or hardware, intentionally or unintentionally and in general to violate the applicable Greek and Community legislation.

10.2. For any damage caused to WRAPP, by the above misuse or improper use of the relevant services by you, you are solely responsible.

10.3. WRAPP reserves the right to terminate your access to its services if there are reasonable grounds that you are using the services for any illegal or unauthorized activity.

11. Disclaimer

11.1. WRAPP is not liable in any way for any legal claims or for any direct or indirect damage or expense that may result from operating or not, accessing, using, or navigating in its website or from downloading material, text, and other data contained therein, including indicative damage caused by viruses, bugs, human agents, hardware, software, program malfunction or any other error, omission or delay in transmission from PC or network connection.

11.2. WRAPP will do everything necessary for the good operation of its website, but without guaranteeing that its operation will be continuous, without errors or other technical problems.

11.3. WRAPP is not responsible for any damage that may be caused by access to and use of its website.

12. Intellectual and industrial property rights

12.1. All data, information and data contained on the official website of WRAPP, including indicative images, photos, texts, blueprints, services provided and generally any kind of files related to the products offered, are the intellectual property of WRAPP and are protected by the relevant legal provisions of European and Greek intellectual property law.

12.2. The names given to the services of WRAPP, the logos and distinctive features included in it, constitute either registered trademarks or special distinctive features of the website and the services offered through it and are protected by the relevant Greek and Community legal provisions on trademarks, industrial and intellectual property and unfair competition.

12.3. Access to the above data and information through the website does not imply in any case the transfer or assignment of their license or right to use. Any copying, reproduction, distribution, transfer, downloading or other use of the content of the website resulting in, inter alia, misleading visitors / users, is expressly prohibited, unless explicitly given prior written permission of WRAPP.

12.4. Exceptionally and without this meaning assignment of copyright, the individual storage and copying of the information provided is strictly for personal use, without the intention of commercial or other exploitation, and provided that the indication of their source of origin is not altered.

13. "Links" (links) to other sites

13.1. WRAPP does not control the availability, the content, the privacy policy, the quality, and completeness of the services of other websites (websites) and web pages to which it refers through links, hyperlinks or advertising banners.

13.2. Therefore, for any problem that occurs during their use, you must contact directly the respective websites and webpages, which are responsible for providing their services.

13.3. The provision of links on the website is for your convenience and WRAPP in no case approves, accepts and is not responsible for the content of each link.

14. Protection of Personal Data

14.1. The protection of the personal data of the visitor / user is governed by the General Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data 2016/679 / EU and in general the current national and European legal and regulatory framework for the protection of personal data. For more information about the processing of your personal data by WRAPP, please read the Privacy Notice

14.2. In order to be informed about how Stripe processes your personal data, we encourage you to read the privacy policy and terms of use that govern its services.

15. Information about Cookies

Cookies are small text files with information, which are stored by the server of a website on the terminal device (computer, mobile phone, etc.) of a visitor/user while navigating it. The website shall retrieve this information on each visit in order to provide relevant services. A typical example of such information is the user’s preferences on a website, as stated by the choices made on it (e.g. language preference, etc.). For more information about Cookies, please read the Cookies

16. Applicable law - Jurisdiction

16.1. These terms of use are governed by Greek law.

16.2. The courts of Athens are designated as competent courts for the settlement of any dispute that arises in the context of the application of these terms.

17. Other provisions

17.1. In no event shall WRAPP‘s failure or delay in exercising its legal or contractual rights under these terms of use be construed as a waiver or deemed to impair its rights.

17.2. The above terms are all agreed as essential and are modified only in writing.

17.3. The invalidity or cancellation of a term will not in any way affect the validity of the other terms.